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Double flange air heater up to 900 °C 

The LHS 410 DF HT is a medium sized double flange high temperature air heater from Leister. It is available in two power versions 4.4 kW and 5.5 kW and reaches a maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C/1652 °F. With its medium-sized design and double flange, the Leister high-temperature air heater is easy to mount and easy to install in existing or new industrial hot-air systems. 

  • Medium double flange air heater up to 900 °C 
  • Easy to connect to power supply
  • Suitable for installation in piping systems 

The air temperature of the Leister LHS 410 DF HT tubular air heater can be precisely controlled via solid state relay (SSR), controller (CSS or E5CC) and perfectly placed thermocouple holder. This depends on the performance.