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Side channel blower for hot air recirculation with high pressure

The CHINOOK side channel blower from Leister was specially developed to feed process air up to 350 °C/662 °F back into industrial processes at high pressure. Its compact insulation, solid construction and the use of high-quality components ensure that the Leister CHINOOK high-pressure blower performs reliably for a long time despite high thermal loads.

  • Hot air recycling saves energy and money
  • High pressure blower for LHS 210/410 SF-R/DF-R
  • Unique high pressure blower up to 350 °C/662 °F

Anyone who integrates CHINOOK into industrial processes of hot air recycling in conjunction with the Leister LHS 210 SF-R, LHS 210 DF-R, LHS 410 SF-R and LHS 410 DF-R air heaters saves energy and costs. Provided that these are heating processes in which energy recovery is reasonable and possible. In tube filling machines, among others, the CHINOOK high-performance blower in combination with Leister air heaters impresses with its high efficiency when welding the tubes.