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MAXI Laser Plastic Welding Workstation

MAXI is a modular, universally applicable laser welding system from Leister, which is particularly suitable for large components and system can be extended with housing attachments. In addition to the standard version, extensions with a rotary table and transfer belt are available to increase the throughput. As an alternative to the servo axes, the system can be equipped with a 6-axis robot. This significantly increases the contour welding flexibility, especially in combination with the GLOBO Optics.

With the MAXI laser welding system, the welding process can be set up in a user-friendly way using the proven HMI (Human Machine Interface) control software. The software has been extended by the display of a 3-D contour for the operation of the optional robot. The users are guided through the work steps and can easily adapt the welding parameters to the respective process.