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The latest welding technology on the market has many advantages. Here are the most important ones at a glance:

  • Innovative: Welding with variable welding speeds. The speed is adjusted with a foot pedal – like a sewing machine. The welding temperature is controlled automatically when welding.
  • Fast: High quality seams are welded up to 98 feet per minute.
  • Efficient: High degree of efficiency due to the direct power supply to the wedge which requires very little energy consumption.
  • Low costs: Replacement wedge cost less than $25.
  • Economical: The SEAMTEK W-900 ATs new technology does not require any pre-heating. This means that it uses virtually no energy when in standby mode. Despite this, it can reach the desired target temperature in under 1 second.
  • Safe: The wedge cools down swiveled out. This means that the user is protected from any potential burns.
  • Precise welding zone: The welding zone is defined exactly, meaning that the surrounding material won't be damaged.

Thanks to the direct transmission of power to a thin welding wedge, the wedge can react to changes in the welding process in a fraction of a second.


The welding speed can be changed during the process, just like when using a sewing machine. Even complex contours can be welded easily.


It is very energy efficient since only a thin wedge plate is heated rather than the entire metal wedge. At 98 feet per minute and with minimum energy requirements, various thermoplastics such as PVC, PE, PU, PP and many others can be welded to each other.


The innovative technology guarantees the best seams possible – not only visually, but also qualitatively (e.g. with regard to its strength). Sensitive materials, which are often used in the advertising industry, can be welded just as well and with equally high quality.


The SEAMTEK W-900 AT is setting new benchmarks in efficiency.