SILENCE (230V, 1Ph)


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No blower, no air! One blower can often supply several air heaters simultaneously in various industrial processes. Our durable and low-maintenance blowers are a result of uncompromising quality standards and decades of experience. SILENCE, Leister’s mid-range blower, is extremely quiet during operation at 61 dB(A). It was developed to withstand operating conditions with air intake temperatures of 100° C to 200° C (212 °F to 392 °F). Lastly, it delivers optimum performance effortlessly in ambient temperatures up to 75° C (167 °F).

Attribute Unit Value
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage V~ 1 x 230
Air volume (20°C) l/min 4700
Air volume (68°F) cfm 166
Pressure static kPa 1.0
Pressure static psi 0.15
Power W 250
Ambient temperature °F 149 ... 167
Air inlet temperature °F 212 ... 392
Noise emission level dB(A) 61
Environmental protection IEC 60529 IP 54
Outside diameter air inlet inch 2.36
Air outlet (external) inch 2.36
Weight lbs 19.8
Conformity mark   CE (ErP n/a)
Protection class I   Protection Class I