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Leister TRIAC AT Heat Gun


141.314 TRIAC AT - 230 V / 1600 W / EU-plug


Leister's TRIAC AT heat gun is an intelligent tool for welding and shrinking plastics. It is designed for the needs of even the most demanding professional. Every tool undergoes stringent quality checks prior to leaving the factory in Switzerland. Leister's high-quality heat gun is equipped for all situations. Its universal areas of application are virtually unlimited. The TRIAC AT heat gun will continue to prove its merit in any weather condition and is just as effective outside as it is indoors – all during continuous operation.


  • Suitable for the work site
  • Closed-loop controlled temperature
  • Open loop controlled air volume
  • Intelligent "e-Drive" operating unit
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Modern design
  • Swiss made
Attribute Unit Value
Power W 1600
Voltage V~ 230
Approval mark   Sicherheitszeichen-S-+
Temperature °C 45 - 620
Air volume (20°C) l/min 160 - 240
Air volume (68°F) cfm 5.7 - 8.5
Handle ∅ mm 56
Weight kg 1
Conformity mark   CE Certification
Protection class II   ProtectionClass II


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