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Article Number: 168.635

The UNIROOF 300 is the ideal, entry-level automatic roof welding machine for thermoplastic membranes. It’s used on medium-sized, flat roofs up to approx. 500 sqm, as well as parapets. This applies to residential construction, as well as larger industrial buildings. With the UNIROOF 300, welding close to the edge up to 100 mm at and on parapet is a breeze.
Leister's closed-loop technology and digital display make it easy to set and monitor the welding parameters (speed, air volume and temperature). This guarantees tight welding seams for plastic membranes. The UNIROOF 300 is compact, weighing only 37.5 Ibs. and its simple operation makes it the ideal roof welding machine for beginners.
Attribute Unit Value
Voltage V~ 120
Power W 1800
Frequency Hz 50/60
Temperature °F 212 – 1,076
Air volume % 45 – 100
Speed ft/min 3.3 – 33.0
Weld seam width inch 1.6
Size (L × W × H) inch 18.7 × 9.6 × 10.3
Weight (incl. cable and additional weights) lbs 37.5
Protection class I   Protection Class I
Conformity mark   CE Certification