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NOVOLAS WS-AT RTT Laser Plastic Welding System

The NOVOLAS™ WS AT RTT laser welding system is available with rotary indexing table (RTT). The RTT is an optional module with which the throughput of the laser welding system is increased. The adjustments to the WS-AT by the RTT are designed in a customer-friendly manner and correspond to all machine guidelines, including occupational safety. Thus, the intervention protection provided on the side of the table is additionally equipped with a light barrier in order to stop the rotary movement of the rotary table with unauthorized intervention.
The NOVOLAS™ WS-AT still remains a manual workstation with this module. However, the cycle time is reduced, which increases the throughput. The welding process can be adjusted via the proven HMI (human machine interface) control software in a user-friendly manner. The parameters of the laser welding process can be ideally configured and programmed.