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High temperature double flange air heater

The LHS 210 DF HT (DF stands for Double Flanch, HT stands for High Temperature) impresses as a compact high-temperature air heater. It is Leister's smallest double-flanged air heater and reaches a maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C/1652 °F. Its small dimensions and simple mounting option, facilitate installation in existing or newly designed hot air systems. 

  • Maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C
  • Double flange for piping installations 
  • Can be integrated in tight spaces

The temperature of the Leister LHS 210 DF HT tubular air heater can be precisely controlled via solid-state relay (SSR), controller (CSS or E5CC) and by the ideal position of the thermocouple holder. This depends on the performance. This provides an accurate air temperature. The LHS 210 DF HT is the perfect solution for effective air heating in various industrial applications where high temperatures are required.