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DF air heater for hot air recycling

The LHS 210 DF-R HT air heater (DF stands for Double Flange, the R stands for Recirculation and HT stands for High Temperature) is Leister's smallest double flange air heater suitable for hot air recycling. The tubular air heater achieves a maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C with an air inlet temperature of up to 350 °C. This reduces costs in industrial processes.

  • 900 °C for industrial hot air processes
  • Cost reduction through hot air recycling
  • Easy to install in piping systems

The connection housing and the electrical connections of the Leister LHS 210 DF-R HT tubular air heater are protected against overheating by ceramic insulation. This makes the air heater suitable for many different industrial applications where a maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C and hot air recycling (maximum inlet temperature of 350 °C) are required.