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Air heater for hot air recirculation

The LHS 410 SF-R HT air heater is a medium sized single flange high temperature air heater from Leister that can recycle hot air. For this purpose, the LHS 410 SF-R HT is designed for a maximum air inlet temperature of 350 °C as well as for a maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C. The nozzle range of the LHS 41 air heater series is compatible with the Leister LHS 410 SF-R HT air heater.

  • Hot air recycling and 900 °C outlet temperature 
  • Simple power connection possible 
  • Available in 2 power classes (4.4 and 5.5 kW)

The connection housing of the Leister LHS 410 SF-R HT high-temperature air heater is located outside the air flow, which has the advantage that the air flows through the air heater unhindered. In addition, the connection housing is protected against overheating by ceramic insulation, so that air inlet temperatures of up to 350 °C can be worked with. All industries that require a medium-sized and thus very efficient air heater with a large air volume and air outlet temperature of up to 900 °C for their industrial processes are very well advised to use the single-flange high-temperature air heater LHS 410 SF-R HT from Leister. In addition, the use of the LHS 410 SF-R HT saves energy costs through hot air recycling.