TWINNY T5 230V/3450W


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  • Digital display shows all important welding parameters
  • Mechanical over pressure protection
  • Welding speed is 50% faster than the TWINNY T
  • Easy to operate, thanks to hot-air technology
The TWINNY T5 automatic welding machine is suitable for welding thick and thin geomembranes made of HDPE and LDPE. Membranes made of PVC, TPO, FPO, PP and CSPE can also be welded without any problems. This premier automatic welder from Leister can be used for various applications like tunnels, swimming pools, fish farms, mines and landfills.
The TWINNY T5 is practical and user friendly, making it easy to weld like a professional in no time. Its large travel rollers (field kit) provide additional ground clearance, which helps produce perfect welds on rough or uneven surfaces. The positioning of the ergonomic handle ensures a perfectly balanced welding tool. This makes guiding, moving and transporting the automatic welder easier.
Thanks to the powerfully designed drive, plastic welding with the TWINNY T5 is particularly maintenance friendly. Additionally, the powerful blower and the significantly higher heating output enable the TWINNY T5 to weld approximately 50% faster than the TWINNY T automatic welder. This saves a lot of time and money welding big geomembrane projects.