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  • Easy transport thanks to compact design
  • Easy clamping of the test specimens
  • Operable with cordless drill
  • Reproducible results
The EXAMO 100 from Leister is a small, compact and lightweight testing device in civil engineering and complements the Leister GEO automatic welding machines COMET, COMET 500, COMET 700, GEOSTAR G5, GEOSTAR G5 LQS, GEOSTAR G7, GEOSTAR G7 LQS, TWINNY T, TWINNY S, TWINNY T5, TWINNY T7 as well as the Leister extrusion welding machines WELDPLAST S4, WELDPLAST 605, FUSION 3. The EXAMO 100 was designed for civil engineers and is ideally suited for fast and energy-saving testing of the quality of weld seams in plastic geomembranes.
With the EXAMO 100, the specimens can be clamped without tools. During the peel test, the handy and lightweight Leister test instrument achieves a constant tensile speed, resulting in reproducible test results. The EXAMO 100 is operated via a battery screw. This leaves one hand free for the testing device when testing the weld seam. In addition, users are more flexible when working on the construction site because the cordless drill is not connected to a power cable. A suitable bit adapter is included in the scope of delivery for connecting the cordless screwdriver to the EXAMO 100.