GEOSTAR G5 with LQS 230V/2800W


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  • 3.5 inches hot-wedge for PE
  • Welding parameters are recorded
  • GPS function shows welding location details
  • Ergonomic, single-hand operation
  • Includes storage box
The GEOSTAR G5 LQS is an automatic welder used to weld geomembranes with the Leister Quality System (LQS). The LQS function allows data identification and monitoring of all welding parameters: speed, temperature and pressure. Thanks to the built-in WiFi, it's easy and convenient to transfer the data wirelessly. Additionally, pdf and csv reports can be exported.
The maintenance-friendly automatic welder weighs less than 37.5 lbs and is  lighter than the GEOSTAR G7. The sophisticated aluminum design allows optimum maintenance positions with easy access to the mechanical parts. Additionally, GEOSTAR G5 LQS is easy to use: The hot wedge is replaceable in less than one minute. The GEOSTAR G5 LQS easily and safely welds various geomembranes made of HD-PE, PP, LD-PE, TPO, FPO, PVC-P, CSPE and EIA with a material thickness ranging from 30 to 120 mil.