GEOSTAR G7 with LQS 230V/2800W


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  • 45% higher performance than GEOSTAR G5
  • Drive motor has 100% more power than GEOSTAR G5
  • Robust cast aluminum frame
  • Wireless data transmission via Wifi
  • Welding parameter reports via the myLeister app
The GEOSTAR G7 LQS automatic welder can be used to weld geomembranes in underground engineering and in landfill construction. LQS allows data recording and monitoring of welding parameters (joining pressure, welding speed, welding temperature). It also has an voltage display to continuously monitor the mains voltage during the welding process.
After the welding data has been recorded, it can be transferred to the MyLeister app via WiFi. LQS enables fast and easy creation of quality reports are available in pdf and csv format. Thanks to its lightweight frame made of aluminum, the maintenance-friendly hot-wedge welder weighs just 39.68 lbs and offers easy access to the mechanical parts. Replacing the hot wedge only takes one minute on the GEOSTAR G7 LQS. Various geomembranes and films made of HD-PE, PP, LD-PE, TPO, FPO, PVC, CSPE and EIA, with material thickness ranging from 40 to 120 mil, are welded with the GEOSTAR G7 LQS.